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Old Mc Donald had a farm............

Posted on June 26, 2014 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

oh there is nothing more cute than a baby animal.  Who can resist a fluffy baby chick or duck.  I know I can't, and I have come home with far many more animals than I had promised my husband.  My kids love the baby animals too.  We call our daughter the "chicken whisperer".  That girl can catch any bird when no one else can.  Even our meanest rooster we had last year she could grab and hold with no problems.

That being said, we obviously have farm animals at  home.  We currently have 2 dogs, 2 goats, 1 turkey, 3 geese, 3 ducks, 12 roosters, and 15 hens.  Oh and don't those baby roosters LOVE to crow right outside my window at 4:30 AM EVERYDAY!! But thats the price you pay for having so many roosters.  They are just so cute, I can't help but love them.

We originally only had chickens, and for that we only had hens for eggs.  We got into all the other animals last year.  We got turkeys, meat chickens and ducks last year for meat, and the goats we got for brush control.  A word to the wise, do not let your goats go free.  They will eat your garden (yes, I learned the hard way).  We put them on dog runners so that we can move them around and they get fresh grass that way too.  

Farming with a lot of animals can get expensive, so you have to know what you can give your animals.  My mother and I sprouted wheat grass and barley over the winter for the chickens, and our egg production didn't slow down too much over the winter.  It was great to be able to have eggs all winter. (we eat a lot of eggs)  The birds loved it and 2 - 50 lb bags lasted almost a whole year!!  We did give them layer pellets as well, so this is just a suppliment not their main meal.  Also over the winter we give them oyster shells and grit in their food since they are not able to scratch around outside.  I usually throw the oyster shells with their cracked corn outside.  My birds also get all the veggie scraps and fruit scraps that we don't eat.  They love watermelon, lettuce, carrots.  They will eat it all!! The only things that I know of that you should never feed chickens is potatos, and citrus.  I have fed them these in the past before I knew this and had no issues, but I stopped because I don't want to cause any issues either.

Something else you can do for your animals is go to a bread store outlet.  Most of them have what they call bird bread.  It is like their day old bread.  The local bread store here sells a flat of bread for $2.  My animals love their bread treats.  Also some grocery stores do sell their "less than perfect" produce for little to nothing to farmers.  And dont be afraid to ask if there are any ripped bags for a discount or free where ever you buy your animals grain.  We got tons of free grain last year due to a pesty chipmunk at the hardware store that we buy our food at.

Another reason why we have chickens is they love to eat bugs.  Living in New England, we have lots and lots of ticks and those chickens love to eat them.  One of my moms chickens actually ate a snake last summer. (yuck and yeah at the same time)

Wrapping up, farming can be done on a budget, you just have to know what to look for.

Thank you for reading and God Bless