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Hello Everyone,

I am so glad you came to visit JessLee's Creations.  Here you will find new, quality pre-owned items and some of my own creations.  I am a stay at home mother of 3 (1 boy 2 girls) from ages 0-10.  My son has a severe peanut allergy, so it prompted me to make my own natural cleaners, and also to make more food from scratch.  Eating organically can be a tid bit more expensive, so I try to save money where ever I can.  I like to pass savings onto other people, and help them in their journey to save money by making things at home instead of buying in the grocery store.  My biggest example is my laundry soap.  I haven't bought laundry soap in a store for years!! What does it cost now? about $10 and it would last you about a month or so, maybe?  I make 10 gallons of laundry soap, and it lasts me approximately a year and it only costs me maybe $2-$3 to make.  Did I mention it is also completely safe to use on baby clothes?!?!  

So like me on FaceBook, and follow my blog, and there you will find my money saving tips.  Send me some of your own too and I will try them out and maybe even pass the ideas along to my followers.

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Thanks for visiting & God Bless